Finding Your Rhythm

In this deep snow, I love to snowshoe. 

While trudging over the snow, I asked myself what it is about snowshoeing that I like so much.

And I came up with the answer.

What do snowshoeing, listening to music, walking, riding on the back of a cantering horse, sitting in a rocking chair, listening to the waves roll in, and watching white curtains billow in a summer breeze have in common?


Rhythm and flow. That’s why we are attracted to them. So that they can help us find our rhythm again.

Stress and negative emotions are chaos. When we are experiencing negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, boredom, unease, irritation, overwhelm, or any other unpleasant feeling, our physiology is thrown into disharmony. Stress is jagged, jerky, chaotic, and incoherent.

That is not our natural state of being. We were not created to be living in this chaotic physiological state. It’s not good for our health. It’s not good for our energy and sleep. It’s not good for our relationships. And it’s not good for our mission and purpose.

Rhythm is our natural state of being. That’s why we crave the things that help us find rhythm, like music, walking, waves, and rocking. It’s our bodies begging for rhythm.

But can we just listen to music all day? Do we have to walk or rock in order to find our rhythm? Is that what we’re meant to do? 

No. Sure, our bodies enjoy outside rhythm. But what we really want is the rhythm inside us. We want to be able to feel the rhythm, to embody it. We want to be able to experience life’s ups and downs, while maintaining our rhythm. 

It’s not the world around us making the chaos inside us. The stress inside of us is making the world chaotic.  

In the same way, we can’t wait for the world to find its rhythm so that we can experience it too; we must create it within ourselves first.


Positive emotions, such as love, care, appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, and faith, create physiological rhythm, flow, harmony, and coherence. It’s measurable. When we feel positive emotions, we experience rhythm inside us. And this rhythm is good for us. It’s good for our health, our sleep and energy, our relationships, and our meaning and purpose.

This means you can experience the feeling of flow without needing music or snowshoes. You can bring that rhythm with you to work, or to home. You can bring it when life is good and you can bring it when life is tough. 

Where do you find rhythm?

Where do you need more rhythm, flow, and coherence?

What positive emotions can you practice in order to create the rhythm you crave?

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