Every single day, you make 35000 choices. Most of these choices are tiny and insignificant, but when you add them all up, they either build you up, or they break you down.

Are you ready to make your everyday choices work for you?

The 42 Day Choice Challenge has everything you need to start making those everyday, little choices add up to make a big difference.

You know that the big life stressors and problems take a toll on you. You know that they shorten your fuse, and sharpen your nerves. You try your best to deal with them and move on. But what about in between those big things? What about all the little things that take place everyday? You know they’re there, but you just don’t know what to do about them.

Here’s a secret: how you deal with those little, everyday choices makes or breaks you when it comes to those big guys. 

If you are a master of the little everyday choices, if you make lots of good little choices, you’ll be prepped and ready to handle whatever big things life throws at you.

If, on the other hand, you make lots of poor little choices, it will wear you out from the inside, probably without you even knowing! So that when the big (or even not-so-big) challenges arise, you crumble.

But what are those little things? Can you really do anything about them? How do you get in front of them? If you really make 35000 choices each day, how do you make them count?

It can feel overwhelming. But as the saying goes, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  How do you conquer stress? One choice at a time.

Imagine someone telling you exactly how to recognize and make the most of all those little everyday choices. 

That’s exactly what we want to do for you.

With The 42 Day Choice Challenge, you discover:
  • 42 little choices that are leading to big stress, again and again
  • how to recognize choice points in your daily life
  • the key ingredient to make choices that count
  • how to make lots of good choices to break the stress habit
  • a fail-proof strategy to choose something more effective each and every time

But more than just telling you about these choices, we walk you through them. And instead of telling you the secret to making good choices, we guide you through it so that you really experience it.

That’s why The 42 Day Choice Challenge is not just another online course, it’s so much more. You get:
  • a daily email to hold your hand for 42 consecutive days of choice
  • 42 daily videos that will blow your mind and completely change your perspective on your everyday situations 
  • 42 stimulating daily reflections to truly transform your life
  • a daily guided strategy to access your inner power to make choices that count

Finally, the simple strategy you’ve been looking for to deal with daily stress!

Now, you’re making choices that build you up. You’re making the most of all the little things that come up in the day, so that you can handle the big stuff when it arises. 

This email experience is like nothing you’ve heard of before. It’s simple. It’s to-the-point. It’s scientifically-based. And it’s effective. We know you’re busy and you don’t need another thing to do. That’s why we’ve made sure that each daily video gets right to your inbox first thing in the morning and takes less than 8 minutes.

This 42 Day Choice Challenge tells you exactly where you’re messing up, and what to do instead. 

And just like that, you’re making 35000 smart choices a day to build you up.

Start your 42 Day Choice Challenge today for only $42!


Just do it!! - “Originally, I had a fear of commitment but making The 42 Day Choice Challenge part of my daily routine made a difference in me and how I react to situations and other people. Just do it!! You will be and feel like a better person. I would like to add that both of you ladies have a very positive energy and it is infectious!!”  - Monica Halbesma, Carman Dufferin Fire Department, Public Education Safety Coordinator

"This is AWESOME!! I want to thank you so much for dedicating your lives to helping other people!! I hope you are richly blessed because I am richly blessed from doing this 42 day challenge... Challenging my self to choose appreciation every day for this last week and also looking deep into my heart about the topic that is presented every day has been hard!! I was scared to start this because I knew I would have to look deep and search my life and I would definitely come up with things that needed to be different that I was just hiding under the rug!! I am SO glad that I am though because it sure pays off!!!! And I am VERY much looking forward to the next 5 weeks!!" - Sheryl Toews

"Everyone should take this. It will change your life.

"What a great start to the Challenge! (...) I feel enthused, motivated enough to accomplish what is needed of me, energized enough to try some creativity, and willing enough to put in some sweat with step-aerobics!  I had a terrible sleep last night as I had some sleep problems, but I still feel like I'm not exhausted enough to resort to the couch. Thanks again!"  -Irene Plaetinck, 63, retired teacher, Glenboro, MB

"I was in a situation where I would normally feel impatient, but I used the techniques and calmed down right away. I even enjoyed myself." -G.

"It is like using a magnifying glass on my life to become more aware of what I am doing, what is working, and what isn't working." -S.S. 

"Wow! Day 42 already...I really feel like I've been doing so personal spring cleaning for the last 42 days.  The program has given me a chance to peek into some dark and dusty and unattractive parts of me and clean them up. At the very least--try to be aware of those spots, and find better choices. Thanks girls! Loved every moment of the whole 42." -I.P.

"The 42 Day Choice Challenge enables me to move forward to go deeper, finding what to remove to get closer to my true self." -R.M.

"Your 42 Day Challenge is excellent!  It is timely, organized, insightful, inspiring, and transforming!  It makes me want to do it again, which says much, considering it was 42 days long; if it wasn't as good as it is, it would have been left behind at some point, recognizing that I don't have time in my day for the things that don't 'capture me' on some level!  Thank you so much!" -S.S.

"My head doesn't endless chatter like it used to be. (...) Thoughts come and go without taking 'me' over." -R.

"It offered something to work on daily and to incorporate more long term, as well as fresh aspects (facets of self) to examine the next morning in the spirit of growth, not guilt.  Maybe it had to do with almost all of the topics being a common issue which could be related to by others doing the challenge at the same time."

"Thank you so much for providing me with the 42 day choice challenge.  I wake up each morning looking forward to the message you have for me.  It has been amazing how it has challenged me and how I have grown through the process.  Today I started the challenge all over again.  Looking forward to another 42 days of good advice." 



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