Breaking the Stress Habit


We typically feel negative emotions. The more we feel them, the more "engrained" they become in our physiology.

Like walking through a meadow. Walk through it once and you can't tell that you've been there. Walk through it on the same path over and over, you make a trail.

When we feel the same emotion again and again, our brain and our body wire in a way that makes that path easier and easier to run. Making it easier and easier to be anxious, angry, afraid, or whatever emotional "path" we are walking.

That "negative" person, that "anxious" person, that "worried" person is stuck in a pattern, a habit. He/she is used to feeling a certain way and they are used to running that path over and over again.

You have a choice in how you feel. That's the truth. But because you are used to feeling negative, negative emotions will be easy for you to feel.

Fortunately that stress habit can be changed! You can make a new pattern, a new habit, a new path through the meadow. It comes down to practice. Practice feeling a positive emotion more often and for longer duration. Walk a different path through the meadow and form a positive emotional habit.

When your heart and your brain work together, when they are coherent, they can rewire the brain and the body, break the stress habit, and make positive emotions your new habit.

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