It's time to level up your life.

Stress Expert Coaching is a one-on-one, 6-week coaching program for individuals who want skills to overcome stress and level up their lives.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

You want to be better.

You want to take action.

You want to feel happier, more satisfied, and engaged in your life.

You want more energy to do what matters most to you.

You want to be less stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and tense.

You want to be less angry, impatient, and irritable.

You want to truly enjoy your relationships, work, play, and life.

You want to live with more heart.

You need a coach.

No one has ever achieved great things without a coach. Every great athlete has had a coach. Every great singer has had a coach. Every great mind has had a coach. 

Why do you think that you have to make your life great all on your own?

I can be that coach for you. I can show you exactly how to make your life great.

My clients are less angry and less anxious. They are more calm and composed. They are more successful. They have better relationships. They pursue their dreams. They are happy.

My clients don't just talk the talk; they take action.

My clients don't stay down; they take charge of their lives.

My clients don't just hope for change; they get results.

And better yet, my clients learn the tools to coach themselves through future challenges (with more support from me if they need it).

With The Stress Expert Coaching Program, you'll discover:

  • the only strategy you'll ever need to transform stress
  • the secret link between stress and your emotions that no one ever told you
  • what is really draining your energy and exactly what to do so that you never burnout again
  • a step-by-step strategy to charge yourself up each and every day so that you can be your best.
  • the science behind what it means to live with more heart
  • how to be the best version of yourself - even when you want to cry, scream, or run away.
  • what is getting in the way of your happiness (it's not what you think!) and exactly what it takes to be happy.

But more than just talking about stress and teaching you techniques, we walk you through it, we give specific strategies to apply the tools and we make it work for you. And with state-of-the-art biofeedback technology, we can show you before your eyes that the techniques truly work.

That's why when you sign up for Stress Expert Coaching you get:
  • Six 90-minute weekly coaching conversations 
  • Six scientifically proven, step-by-step techniques to regulate emotions, decrease stress, and reach your goals
  • Your very own Inner Balance Bluetooth biofeedback sensor to measure, track and record your progress at home in the palm of your hand (to prove without a doubt that the techniques work)
  • Take-home summaries and homework to apply the techniques and strategies in your life specifically
  • Lessons on the science and research behind the techniques, so that you know exactly how and why they work
  • Clarity on goals and a vision of what you truly want
  • Confidence in yourself to make empowered decisions to reach your goals 
  • Free email support - anytime, anywhere, send us an email so that we can support you in what you are going through; we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase our coaching program.  It's as simple as this: try out the program and if, after 30 days (that's up to 4 coaching sessions!) you aren't completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund, as long as you can provide evidence of completed homework and daily use of technology.

You're smart. But you've got a lot on your plate. You know you have to get a handle on stress. You know you were meant to be enjoying life more than you are, but you can't just quit your job or leave your family. You don't have time to meditate or go to the gym. You are looking for a practical way to decrease stress without spending scads of money or time. You need something that fits into your schedule and that helps you decrease stress right in the red-hot moment. And frankly, with all the "stress-less" gimmicks out there, you need something that works. Something that you can see with your own eyes and feel in your bones, that it really works.

Imagine someone sitting beside you, telling you exactly how to decrease stress, and giving you the secret to happiness. 

That's what I want to do for you.

Finally, everything you need to know to decrease stress, increase happiness, and be the best version of yourself!

Now you are an expert in your own stress. Not that you never experience stress again; but you know exactly what to do when things get stressful. Now, you are confident knowing that you can handle life and its challenges. You can be the best version of yourself, you can live a happy life with more love, joy, and ease. You have fulfilling relationships, high performance at work, and a new-found love for life.

And just like that, you're in charge of your stress, you're happy and life is so much better.

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Who is Stress Expert Coaching for?

Whether you feel like you need a complete inner makeover, or like you just need a boost, Stress Expert Coaching has everything you need to:

  • Meet your personal and professional goals.
  • Break your bad habits and create good ones.
  • Take charge of your own life and stop living on auto.
  • Feel better - physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Do your best work with enhanced performance and a clearer mind.‚Äč
  • Tap into your own inner strength and intuition.
  • Be someone that others want to be around.
  • Be more loving, caring, compassionate, and fulfilled.
  • Access your heart's intuitive wisdom for higher choices and guidance.
  • Be the person you want to be.

What sets this apart from other programs?

Real tools - real results
We don't just talk about your problems. We come to real solutions with real techniques. You won't ever hear us say "Just think positive!" You've tried that, and now it's time for something that actually works.

Over 27 years of research has gone into the stuff we'll share with you. It's not fluffy, feel-good crap; it's real science. You'll never have to wonder if what you're doing's been laboratory-tested.

Training included
You'll never be stuck spinning your wheels. We'll teach you something new each and every time we talk. You'll leave each conversation with tools in your hands, knowledge of where and when to use them, and the confidence that they'll work.

Email support
For as long as you are receiving coaching from us, you can email us with any question that you have and receive a response straight from us ASAP.

Included with your coaching program is HeartMath's Inner Balance bluetooth sensor that tracks and records your heart rhythm patterns on your mobile so that you can measure your success.

100% money back guarantee
You have nothing to lose with our 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, Stress Expert coaching isn't right for you, just let us know for a full refund, providing evidence of daily tech use.


"I don't feel stuck anymore! I've realized that if I'm not happy it's my job to change something. I feel like I've been given tools to help myself. At first I was afraid that I'd invest the money and the time and it wouldn't help, but it was worth it!" - Sharon Toews, age 53, Kleefeld, MB

I feel refreshed and optimistic. Learning the science behind stress and anxiety has made the whole subject much less intimidating to deal with. I understand the reasons for anxiety symptoms and I know how to deal with it effectively. The strategies learned are easy to understand and implement. The Stress Expert Coaching Program is a small investment in yourself that can improve your day to day life for years to come. - Nic, Professional Sales

"I believe that everybody could benefit from this program. Everybody deals with stress. When we are stressed we are not being our best selves. This is not only bad for us but also effects the environments in which we live and work. Before taking this program, I wasn’t sure it was going to help. I thought it sounded a bit crazy to think that I can better manage my stress through my heart. I thought controlling stress was all "mind over matter”. I so appreciated the science aspect of our sessions. It really gave me the inspiration that made me want to do my homework and continue working on the techniques.This program has given me the ability to look at difficult situations with a clear mind rather than foggy overload. It helped me quickly reset and adapt to different stressors in my life. My default is no longer anxiety but rather an ability to see past the stressors, and know that I will overcome them. My mind has changed from defeating emotions to uplifting emotions on a more regular basis. I appreciated your transparency,  thorough explanation, and taking it slow so I could understand the material in full.  I also appreciated how you would take the time to work through different stresses in my life, giving me different tools to deal with them; tools that will help me not only with my current stressors, but can be used in all future stressors as well. Thank you so much! This program has jump started me on the path to emotional success. I find life easier. I really believe that this program so perfectly integrates with how we should be living as Christians. Living with heart." - Jordana Rempel, Sales

 "There is no reason every person couldn't learn something from this program. Being someone who had "tried everything”, was at rock bottom, and thought I already knew enough to help myself but just couldn't figure it out, I wondered if I could be taught anything new that would really help. Now I am dealing with anxiety better and have more control of how fast it moves and I am reducing panic attacks. I am communicating better and having a better relationship with the people that "stressed me out" as well as a better relationship with myself.

I think the Stress Expert Coaching Program is worth every penny because I have learned tools to get my life back to growing, hopeful, and getting to thriving instead of surviving which for too long was my normal and I had thought that was all it was going to be. Elaine truly is a coach. She listens but, with kind but firm guidance, she directs and corrects when necessary and takes the time to teach the tools to make sure they are understood. Don't be afraid to ask her questions.

Also as a Christian it was amazing to have a spiritual level to relate on constantly which strengthened the understanding instead of conflicting foundations." - Dawn Beichter, a busy farmer’s wife from Carman, Manitoba, with a long history of anxiety and now a new lease on life!


"I feel ten times better!"


"This is the science of being a better person!"


"It's been very helpful"


"These techniques have helped me through tough situations, helped me accomplish tasks (homework), and improved my mood throughout each day. I feel less nervous, angry, etc."

Student, age 17

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