What's Your Stress Personality Type?

There seem to be 4 types of people when it comes to stress. Let’s have some brutal honesty here, which type of person are you?

  1. The Life-Natural. These people are calm, content, happy, and satisfied. Life can hand out the ups and downs, but these Life-Naturals handle it. These people typically lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives, but not necessarily extravagant, perfect, or outwardly impressive. They don’t get worked up about much, because they just innately know how to embrace challenge and respond appropriately. It is a pleasure to be around these people because their genuine love of life and general okay-ness is contagious.
  2. The Actor. These people are stressed, but even if they knew that they were, they would never admit it. They think that they’re handling it, that they’re on solid ground, but they seem inauthentic, as if they are keeping up a charade. Typically these people try to look like they have all their stuff together, possibly over-busy, striving for an outwardly perfect life. At first these people may be fun to be around, but they’re often volatile or overly defensive. When challenge arises, it devastates these people, disrupting their house of cards. The Actors often look for happiness in money, fun, pleasure, and material things.
  3. The Downer. These people know that they’re stressed. They let you know what is stressing them, who has wronged them, how hard work is, how unfair life is. And then they do nothing about it. These people blame their challenges for their unhappiness, and wait for the world to change so that they can be happy. Until then, they are not usually fun to be around. They are typically negative, tired, sore, and bitter. The Downer is marked by their rigid focus on the problem, rather than taking steps to a solution.
  4. The Work-In-Progress. These people are honest that they have some level of stress. They know that they are not perfect and that life isn’t perfect. These people want to be better. They want more from life and they want to give more to life. They strive to be more patient, more calm, more caring, more loving, and more resilient. They want to be better versions of themselves.

Which type are you? Are you a Life-Natural? Are you an Actor? A Downer? Or are you a Work-In-Progress? Whichever type you are, here’s a double high five for your honesty.


  • If you’re a Life-Natural, it’s time to share your abilities. Each day, ask your heart to show you one way that you can help someone else that day.
  • If you’re an Actor, it’s time to love an imperfect life. First, own up to the fact that you have stress, you have challenges, you don’t have all your stuff together. And that’s ok. You have to support your esteem from the inside out, not the outside in.
  • If you’re a Downer, the first thing you have to do is buck up. Your life isn’t responsible for your happiness or unhappiness. You are. You are creating your own unhappiness and stress. Once you own this, you are on your way to creating your own happiness.
  • If you’re a Work-In-Progress, the first thing you need is skills. Skills to handle challenges, and skills to regulate your stressful emotions (FYI, just coping with stress is not enough). You need to develop the strength of character to be the best version of yourself to handle the ups and downs.

P.S. Whichever type you are, there is more for you. There is always a better version of yourself waiting to be revealed. We can help you get there. Check out our services for you and services for your business. Or fill in this simple form to set up a 30 minute Free Consultation, in-person, by phone, or with video call!

Here’s to Conquering Stress,

The Stress Experts

Practical Strategies to Deal With Daily Stressors

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Practical Strategies to Deal with Daily Stressors

Sign up to receive inspiration, skills, tools, and tough love right in your inbox each week. Don't worry, we don't share your email address and we're not going to fill up your inbox with junk.