Create a Culture of Coherence

Gone are the days when employees were fighting to hold on to their jobs. Today, you are fighting to keep your employees. 

Many employers, managers, and business owners - maybe even yourself - have tried bonuses, pay hikes, increased benefits, and more vacation time. Has it worked? Maybe not.

The truth is, people don't work for money. They work for more. People want to be fulfilled. They want to like going to work. They want to do meaningful work. And they want to be part of something. They want to feel better. They want to do better. And they want to be better.

Unfortunately, this usually isn't the case. The reason for this is the culture of stress that has permeated workplaces. This stress is synonymous with disharmony and can be seen in dysfunctional relationships, communication errors, decreased performance, and general angst. Of course all of this hurts your bottom line. (To learn more about how stress affects your bottom line, click here)

Instead of a culture of stress, we want to help you create a Culture of Coherence. Within a Culture of Coherence, individuals work together harmoniously and efficiently because each individual has the skills to not only conquer their own stress in the moment, but also create their own fulfillment and satisfaction, working from the inside, out.

Teamwork, morale, job-satisfaction, productivity, relationships, and your bottom line flourish in a Culture of Coherence.

The workplace becomes a place where individuals want to work because it feels good. The workplace isn't just a stressful grind, it fosters a Culture of Coherence.

The Resilience Advantage Training 

An organization with resilient team members is the recipe for success, but stress is crumbling your team at the core. Discover a proven method to build resilience and enhance performance, communication, problem-solving, and team cohesion so that your organization can achieve great things.


The Stress Solution: A High-Performance Initiative

You know that successful organizations have strategies in place for constant improvement, but if you don’t have a strategy to strengthen the people who make up your business, you’re dead in the water. This bundle combines The Resilience Advantage Training and Stress Expert Coaching into an intervention to maximize your people’s potential so that your organization can make its mark on the world.


90-Minute Keynote: Solving The Stress Problem

You know that stress is a problem, but if we can't fully grasp the problem, how can we solve it. Discover how stress is affecting our world at every level from personal to organizational to global and what you can do about it. 


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