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Stress Coaching  

Stress is playing a major role in your physical and mental health, relationships, performance, and career, showing up as anger, anxiety, depression, and low self-worth. You don't want therapy, counselling, or time-consuming practices. You need skills. With one-on-one coaching, learn practical strategies to reduce stress, increase excellence, and live happier and healthier. (Virtual or in-person)


The Equine Experience

Self-growth, overcoming barriers, spiritual growth, inner all sounds nice. But it's all so confusing, tedious and slow. Add HORSEPOWER to your inner growth by learning from one of the world's best teachers...the horse. Discover what it takes to form a connection with a real live horse and how that can completely change your life.


Enneagram Typing Session

What deeply motivates you? What is your core fear and your core desire? Why do others keep "pushing your buttons"? Why don't others really 'get' you? Unlock your unique full potential and bust out of stress patterns by understanding WHO you really are, WHY you do what you do, and HOW to grow into the best version of yourself.


The 42 Day Choice Challenge 

The perfect way to care for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish. Think of this as your "Stress Cleanse".

Did you know that stress becomes a habit? Stress may feel uncomfortable but it becomes your "familiar" and "normal". It's time to break that old habit and make happiness your new habit! This self-paced email program is for you.


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