Your Dot-to-Dot

Have you ever tried to colour a dot-to-dot?

It doesn’t work, does it?

Without the lines, it’s just a bunch of dots. Nothing makes sense. There’s no picture, and there’s nowhere to colour.

Life is like a dot-to-dot. Just filled with dots.

You have a dot for every person and thing in your life. You have a dot for Mom, and one for Dad. One for the postman, and one for the bank teller. You have a dot for money, and a dot for the treadmill. One dot for burgers, and a different one for salads.

You have a dot for each and every aspect of your past, your present, and your future.

A whole lot of dots.

But just as in a dot-to-dot, a picture forms when we look at the lines between the dots.

See, you draw lines between you and every dot in your life. That line is your relationship with the dot, your attitude about the dot, your emotional reaction to the dot.

The lines you draw between you and the dots makes the picture. In the case of your life, you can form a pretty picture, or a not-so-pretty picture.

Here’s my point (pun intended). Your life is filled with dots. But those dots are just dots. They don’t reach inside you and make you feel good, bad, or otherwise. It’s your relationship with the dots, it’s your attitude about the dots, it’s your emotional reaction to the dots that makes your life a pretty picture or not.

Here’s an example. Money is just money. It’s just a dot on a page. But when you consider your relationship with money, your attitude about money, well, suddenly it’s not just a dot anymore. There’s a line.

If it’s a healthy relationship, with a good attitude filled with charity and generosity, abundance, and satisfaction, you’re going to be drawing a nice picture.

But if it’s an attitude of scarcity, lack, greed, and [self-worth = net worth] mentality, then it’s not going to be a pretty picture, is it?

So it’s not the dots in your life that make your life pretty or not. They’re just dots.

It’s your relationship with, and attitudes about the things in your life that make it pretty or not.

That means that the shape of your life, the colours, the lines - that’s on you. Stop blaming the dots. If you are unhappy with your life, adjust your relationships, attitudes, and emotions. You have the power to change the picture that is your life.

What dots - what people, things, or situations - are you blaming for your not-so-pretty picture?

What can you do to fix the lines between you and the dots?

What attitudes of yours need to be adjusted?

What relationships do you need to mend?

Here’s to Conquering Stress,

The Stress Experts

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