What Your Stress Management is Missing

I was recently asked what makes what we do so different than anything else out there.

What a great question. I mean, there are hundreds of different approaches to stress management, so what sets us apart?

I had to think about it for a second. I know we are vastly different than other approaches to stress reduction… but knowing something and articulating something are two different things.

So after some thought, this is what I determined.

We are different because we use the Growth Approach.

Here’s how we define the Growth Approach.

-The Growth Approach doesn’t focus on how to decrease challenges; it focuses on how to grow bigger than the challenges.

-The Growth Approach is not about looking backward and healing the past; it focuses on what we can do right here and now to make the future brighter than the past.

-The Growth Approach says that life is not the bad guy. It is your resistance to life that is making it hard. We teach you how to stop resisting life so that you can enjoy it.

-The Growth Approach believes that your challenges are not there to hurt you or slow you down; they are in fact opportunities for growth.

-The Growth Approach doesn’t just teach you how to be less stressed. It teaches you how to be the person who does not get stressed by life.

-The Growth Approach doesn’t even focus on stress. It focuses on being a better version of yourself and the stress just takes care of itself.

-The Growth Approach is not about perfection; it is about being a better version of yourself.

-The Growth Approach says that growing is the most important task that we have. Growing into a better person is our most important job. The universe depends on it.

-The Growth Approach is natural. All of nature depends on growth. Human nature is no different. When you commit to growing, all of nature supports you in that decision. Relationships, opportunities, and circumstances just flow your way.

-The Growth Approach is not mind over matter or positive thinking. It is a growing upwards of your very spirit, so that your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions are those of your Higher Self.

What are you doing right now to decrease your stress and increase your happiness?

How can you add the Growth Approach into your life?

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Here’s to Conquering Stress,

The Stress Experts

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