Using Emotion to Colour Your World

Did you know that dolphins can not see colour? Imagine, a world without colour! 

Now imagine seeing colour…after a lifetime of never seeing it! How overwhelming, confusing maybe even scary!

Humans sometimes experience something similar to marine colour blindness. Somehow some people have been led to believe that experiencing emotion is a sign of weakness (or some other “undesirable” character flaw). Yet emotion is what colours our experiences, colours our life! We need the bright colours of happiness, joy and peace and we need the darker colours of anger, fear and worry to challenge us to grow.

It can be overwhelming, confusing and maybe even scary to become aware of and truly experience the wide range of emotions. But the benefit of living life with colour will be worth the courage and effort. It just takes practice and patience to be able to regulate your emotions and paint your life with your choice of colours. 

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