The Stimulus for Growth

Challenges by nature, are more than you can do.  

I don’t say this to discourage you.  And maybe I should rephrase.  Challenges are more than you can do, if you stay the way you are.

Think about it. If it was within your comfort zone, it wouldn’t be a challenge. The fact that it is a challenge means that it lies outside your comfort zone. Which means if you do nothing, if you stay exactly the way you are, you will never meet that challenge.

This means that in order to meet this challenge, you must grow.  You’ll have to dig deep into your inner reserves, summon up your inner grit, and put your whole heart into it.

This is exactly why challenges are so good for us.  Typically we (myself included) gripe and complain when something doesn’t go the way we want it to.  But really, if we approach it as a challenge, grow within ourselves, and put our whole heart into it, we’ll come out bigger and stronger on the other side. 

Where can you use a bit more inner grit? Where can you stretch your comfort zone?

Here's to conquering Stress,
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