The Real Pandemic

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a pandemic going around.

But it’s not COVID-19.

It’s fear.

Fear is spreading faster than the virus, infecting more people than the virus, and causing more destruction than the virus itself.

But here’s the question, how is the fear helping?

It’s not.

In fact, it causes more harm than good.

Here’s the problem with fear:

  1. Fear disrupts the immune system. Yup, that’s right folks. Your fear actually decreases your body’s ability to defend itself, thus increasing the chances of you getting sick from any cold, flu, or bug.
  2. Fear causes some pretty scary symptoms. Fear can contribute to muscle aches and pains, an upset stomach, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms. This leads to more fear.
  3. Fear decreases your brain’s ability to function. So this explains why the world is filled with smart people doing stupid things right now. When the brain is under the influence of fear, it doesn’t work as well. This leads to poor decision-making.
  4. Fear causes breakdown. We are seeing so much scarcity, individualism, and separation as people are buying up resources for themselves, looking out for themselves, and isolating themselves. Fear makes us become very me-centric.

What is there to do?

Well, let’s face it. There’s a virus going around. That’s just the way it is. But you don’t have to feel fear about it. It’s just not helpful.

Reach for different, more positive and renewing emotions.

Now I’m not telling you to be happy that there’s a pandemic. That’s highly inappropriate. (But so is the fear FYI)

You don’t have to be happy; there are other positive emotions. How about managed concern, care, compassion, love, generosity, patience, and faith? None of these suggest that you should be happy about the virus. But just something more effective and more appropriate than fear.

Here’s why these positive emotions are more appropriate than fear:

  1. These emotions strengthen the immune system. You become more resilient to colds, flus, and other bugs.
  2. These positive emotions coordinate your physiology. Your entire body and all its systems work better when you are experiencing a genuine positive feeling. This facilitates more health and well-being.
  3. These positive emotions increase your brain’s ability to do its job. This helps you make better, wiser choices even in the face of challenge and difficulty.
  4. These positive emotions cause harmony. The world needs to come together under pressure, not break apart. These emotions bring people together as we work together, cooperate, and serve the higher good of all.

HeartMath recently shared this technique specifically designed to help you transform fear into managed care. We are sharing it with you here:

  1. While breathing in a relaxed pace, pretend you are breathing through your heart or chest area and imagine calming your mind and emotions with each breath. (Calm emotions help to create a space that enables intuitive access for clearer discernment and choices when evaluating situations.)
  2. As you breathe, visualize mental and emotional calm and poise streaming into your mind and into all your cells. Hold a conscious intention in your heart to change feelings of anxiety or fear into feelings of managed concern. Practice will increase your capacity for maintaining care and compassion for humanity’s challenges without creating burnout in your own system. Remember, any progress is a lot of progress when reducing fear. Be patient.
  3. Let’s close by radiating compassionate care and calm into the global energetic field to help reduce the fear and see people making smarter, less stressful choices from a perception and attitude of managed concern. This leaves people more in charge rather than a pawn of fear and mental scatter. The Coronavirus is a perfect situation for this effective practice for transforming the fears and anxiety which suppress much of our life force and power to create a better life.

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