The Healing Moment

Many of the negative emotions we experience as humans are as a result of living in a separated reality. This separated reality happens when we divide our life into “past” and “future” and let the separated parts rule the present moment.

Let’s take a look at anxiety.

Anxiety is an unsettling emotion experienced in the present, about something that you think will take place in the future, based on what you have experienced in the past.

When you experience anxiety, if you were to truly connect to the present moment, the moment you are in, you will find that there is nothing wrong or broken in the present moment.

In this present moment, you are okay. Everything is okay the way it is. There is no stress in the present moment.

When you truly bring your awareness to the “now”,  your mind can settle. There is no comparing this moment to the next moment, or comparing this moment to the last moment, because in the present moment, there is only now and nothing to compare it to.

Your mind is dualistic - it sees things and understands things in dualism: good and bad, right and wrong, black and white, up and down, left and right, big and small, tall and short, better and worse. It sees and understands life in polarity. When you are in the present moment, your mind can settle because your dualistic mind does not think in “whole” concept - without polarities, like the present - so it has no concepts to work with (but it will try to find something for you to think about, that’s why sitting still and meditating can be so difficult because the mind likes to exist and it can only exist in duality.)

When you bring your awareness to the “now”, you can find and feel calm, peace, serenity. There is no to-do list, that’s the future. There is no fear, that’s also the future. There’s no guilt, that’s the past.

There is no “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts”, only “what is”.

You aren’t fighting yourself, forcing yourself, convincing yourself.

When you are in the present moment, healing takes place. Life only exists in this present moment. You actually only physically exist right now…and now…and now. When you are not mentally and emotionally in the present moment, and are somewhere in the future or past, you have abandoned your physical body, and therefore true, deep healing is not possible.

‘Healing’ means to “make whole”. You can never be whole if you have abandoned a part of yourself.

Mediation in a sitting position is a great practice to be in the present moment, but you can be in the present moment on-the-go, too.

While it is not possible to function in this world while being only in the present moment at all times, it would do you well to spend a little more time there. Here. Right now.

PS. Want a little guidance? Check out The 42 Day Choice Challenge to help you recognize the choices you have in your “present moments” that can save you from stress and leave you with more energy and happiness.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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