Parenting 101

I am not a parent. 

But I can imagine that as a parent you want the best for your child. You have a vision of who you’d like your child to be. You want them to grow up to be a “good person” - usually a combination of kind, generous, loving, gracious, compassionate, honest, caring, empathetic, strong, confident, responsible…among other desirable traits.

With this vision in mind, every day, you devote your time, energy, and effort to shaping your child- being mindful of their environment at home and at school; mindful of his/her interactions with other children and adults; mindful of what and who he/she talks about; mindful of what he/she watches on tv or the internet and how much time is spent watching it. 

Each day matters. Each experience matters. It either gets your child closer to or takes your child further from reaching his/her highest potential. 

But regardless if you have children or not, you always have someone to parent. 

You parent yourself.

Typically, as an adult, you don’t have a someone that is “parenting” you, so it is your responsibility to hold your vision. 

You have a vision of who you’d like to be. You want to be a “good person” - some combination of desirable traits.

With your vision in mind, every day…no, every moment, you have choice. 

You have the choice to be unaware of the environment you are in, or to be mindful of your environment at home, at school, and at work and to do your part to make it an environment you want to be in. 

You have the choice to react to what others say/do, or to pause and then respond (or not respond!).

You have the choice to talk about others in a way that lifts them up, or brings them down. You have the choice to talk about topics that lift you up, or topics that bring you down.

You have the choice to watch ANY content on tv or the internet all day, or to watch wholesome, loving content for a little while.

Because it does matter. Every day matters. Every moment matters. Every choice matters. What you do or don’t do, what you say or don’t say, what you think and don’t think, what you feel or don’t feel…it all matters. It either gets you closer to or takes you further away from you reaching your highest potential. It all determines who you become.

Who are you becoming?

What is one thing you can change today that would get you just one baby step closer to living aligned with your higher potential- your highest vision of yourself?

PS. When you become more mindful, more aware, you begin to see choices that you didn’t realize were there. You begin to experience more freedom. Expand your awareness. Realize your choices. Experience your freedom and be truly happy with The 42 Day Choice Challenge. Start here.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

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