Keep It Simple

Clients come to us for all different reasons, but in general, they are looking for tangible, effective ways to decrease their stress and increase feelings of well-being.  When I teach our techniques to them, which involve 1-3 simple steps, they invariably say to me, “That’s it? It’s so simple!” They are almost doubtful that something so simple could have such profound effects. Then they feel and see the results of the techniques, and they get it.

Why do we tend to over complicate things?

Stress itself is simple; it is the result of over-complicating things.

Therefore to conquer stress, don’t over-complicate it - that’ll only lead to more stress!  Rather, simplify it.  Call out stress for what it is. Put your finger on it. Own it, so that you can ditch it.  Simply, conquer it. 

If you are reading this, thinking, “She doesn’t get it, my stress is the real deal! It’s not that simple!” you’re over-complicating it, and stress has you under its illusion.

I promise you that stress itself is simple. And so is conquering it.

What are you over-complicating? How can you simplify it?

Here to conquering Stress,
The Stress Experts

Practical Strategies to Deal With Daily Stressors

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