Be your own Stress Expert.

Let us show you how.

You are unique.

That's why our services are tailored to your unique personality and meet your unique needs.

A 'Stress Expert' skillfully handles life's challenges, big and small, and uses them to better himself/herself and increase his/her happiness. But your life and your challenges are different than the next person's. Only YOU can be the expert on YOUR stress.  

We show you how to be your own 'Stress Expert', and encourage you along the way, as you develop the skills to live your best life, filled with happiness, meaning, and purpose.

This isn't therapy, it's skill-builiding.

Choose the service that's right for you:


Having a coach does NOT mean that you're broken, or a failure; it means you're willing and ready to get more from life! Through our coaching, you will be enlightened by the scientific truth about stress and by understanding how you uniquely operate; you will be equipped with proven tools to decrease stress and increase happiness; you will be empowered to walk through life with a positive outlook, feeling calm, and competent. We, as coaches, can't live your life for you, but we can teach you the skills so you can love the life you live. (Virtual or in-person)


Workshops and Trainings

Are you part of an organization, group, school, or family that could benefit from less stress, more focus, and higher energy and efficiency among the individuals? Could the group benefit from more harmony and tolerance, improved communication, higher morale, and better teamwork? We teach you the science and the skills to bring your best to work, home, and school.  (Virtual or in-person)


Online and Self-paced Programs 

Sometimes you just want to do things by yourself and at your own rate. We've got programs for that! Learn tools and skills to conquer life stress and financial stress from the comfort of your home with these options. 


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