How to Master the Moment and Reclaim Your Power

Days, weeks, months and even years speed by.

I find it quite common to hear people talk about how fast time is moving and how they can barely keep up. They are tired and feeling powerless.

I think part of the reason for this phenomenon, is that we are “reacting” to the moments of life. We are “experiencing” (choosing how we process and respond to) the moments after they have passed. It’s like we are driving our car forward through life, but looking out the back window. 

It is difficult…I’d dare say impossible…to master the moment that has passed. You are powerless to do so, no matter how much you try. And if our days, weeks, months, and years are made of these moments that we are behind on, then it isn’t hard to imagine why we’d feel like we can’t keep up. We can’t keep up because we are trying to process the last moment in the next moment, continuously. Always behind.

We are feeling behind because we are “reactive”, not “proactive”.

Just think about it. Information comes at us fast, and especially in the last fews years, that information is emotionally charged. When you scroll through social media, it’s one emotional story right after the next. One makes you sad, the next one makes you happy, the next makes you depressed. We didn’t have such turbulent stimulation a few years ago. So now we have more “reacting” and processing to do of the moments that are passed - getting backlogged, feeling behind, tired, and powerless.

That’s my theory. 

Neale Donald Walsch writes in his book, “The New Revelations”:

“Right now when you move into any moment, you rarely do so with your state of being determined ahead of time. You wait until you see what the moment contains and provides, and then you respond by being something.

“Perhaps you wind up being sad. Perhaps you wind up being happy. Perhaps you wind up being disappointed, or elated. 

“But now, suppose you decided ahead of time how you were going to be when you moved into that moment. Suppose you decided that you were going to be peaceful, no matter how that moment showed up. Do you think it would make any difference in the way that you experience the moment itself?

“Of course it would.

“Let me tell you something. It is when you decide how you are going to show up before the moment shows up that you have begun to move to mastery. You have learned to master the moment, and that is the beginning of mastery in living. 

"When you decide ahead of time that your inner state of being is going to be peaceful and loving, understanding and compassionate, sharing and forgiving, no matter what any outer moment brings, then the outer world loses its power over you.”

Wow! Yes! By deciding your state of being ahead of time, you reclaim your power! You (not the outer world and its events) become the master of you.

Now, deciding your state of being ahead of time and sustaining that state in the moment can seem like an impossible task. But, I tell you, it is not impossible…and I can show you the science to prove it! Just like mastering any skill, it just takes some effective tools and some sincere practice…and it gets easier and easier. 

Tell me, is there anything more important to master than mastering living?

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Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart, 

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