Crisis Coaching

Are you less stable than normal? Are you at a major life crossroads and experiencing a mix of strong emotions? Are you experiencing heightened anxiety, overwhelm or uncertainty? Do you feel that the events of life pulled the rug out from under you, and you need to get back on your feet? Then, this option is for you. (Virtual or in-person)

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Short Term Coaching

Do you feel that life is generally "good", but you aren't happy? Are you in a rut that is lacking enjoyment? Or, do little things bug you more than they used to? Are you looking for a solution to a challenge or difficulty you are facing? Do you want to reach a goal in some aspect of your life? Are you feeling anxious, depressed, sad, stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed, and would you like to experience freedom and happiness instead? Then, this option is for you. (Virtual or in-person)

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Long Term Coaching

Are you invested in your personal development and looking to connect with your inner wealth of wisdom and continuously reach your next level of greatness? Or, are you in a chronically stressful situation/environment and looking for long-term support and guidance? Then, this option is for you. (Virtual or in-person)

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