How to Get a Thicker Skin

Before I begin, let me just say that I am not pro-bullying. But the anti-bullying movement is maybe missing the mark a little bit.

Anti-bullying is showing up everywhere. It started in schools, but has permeated the workplace and social scene as well. Again, I am not pro-bullying, abuse is never right, but in my opinion, what the anti-bullying movement has done is create a lot of very thin-skinned people. (If you are offended by what I am saying right now, then you may be one of the thin-skinned people I am referring to.) 

Very often people are not on the same page. Sometimes life is unfair. Frequently you’re going to feel uncomfortable. But if every time you are uncomfortable, you look for something or someone to blame, you are going to be pointing fingers a lot, but not coming up with many solutions. 

What if instead of attacking the attacker, we strengthened the victims, so they don’t have to be victims any more.  If we all just got thicker skins, “bullies” would be out of a job.

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Here’s to conquering stress,
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