The Holes in Your Boat

Imagine that you are a fisherman. Everyday you get into your little wooden boat and paddle your way to the open water to cast your line. You enjoy fishing. That’s why you do it.

But lately it hasn’t been fun. Tiny little holes have been popping up in your boat, at first just a few little pinholes, spraying little fountains of water. But each day, there are more pinholes and each day, there’s more water.

Everyday you try to keep fishing but your attention is quite occupied by the holes in your boat.

You sometimes even have to stop fishing in order to pail out the water.

Everyday there’s more and more holes, until eventually, you’re not even fishing. You’re spending your entire day chucking water out of your boat.

Everyday you’re just trying to stay afloat.

And at the end of everyday, you’re exhausted, dragging your stern back to shore.

You have little leaks in your life. You have little things that make it difficult to stay afloat. There’s little things that make it difficult for you to do your job, as a parent, a boss, a community member, or a human being.

These little things are occupying a lot of time, space, and energy in your life. They’re taking up energy that you’d rather be spending on enjoying life. You’re too busy chucking out water to really enjoy life.

These little things are causing big problems.

But what are those little things causing problems?

Is it the neighbour’s barking dog? Is it the garage door that doesn’t work? Is it the know-it-all at work, or maybe the woman at yoga who is way more fit than you?

Is it all the things to do? Is it the pressure your parents put on you to be just like them? Is it the productivity report every Friday? Is it the look your spouse gives you when you said the wrong thing?

Believe it or not, “the little things” are none of those things.

The little things are:

  • your complaining, not what you complain about
  • your comparing, not who you compare yourself to
  • your people-pleasing, not who you are trying to please
  • your impatience, not what you are impatient about
  • your overwhelm, not the tasks on your list

Your reactions to life’s triggers, big and small, are the holes in your boat.

It’s not life’s events poking holes in your boat. The way you are reacting to those events poke holes in your boat. The way you resist life’s events and the way you cling to life’s events are poking holes in your boat, keeping you occupied, draining your energy, and preventing you from enjoying life.

What are the little holes in your boat?

What things are you giving up because you are so busy taking care of the leaks in your boat?

Are you wanting to take care of all those little leaks in your boat? Check out the 42 Day Choice Challenge, designed to help you do just that.

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