Black/White. Right/Wrong. Good/Bad. Up/Down. Left/Right. Big/Small. Tall/Short. Light/Dark. Beauty/Ugly. Success/Failure.


This is how the brain functions. When you receive information with your cranial brain, it always tries to label, categorize, and judge the incoming information as good/bad, right/wrong, sick/healthy, friend/enemy, safe/unsafe, love/hate, etc. Your brain interprets your life in polarity and therefore you are subject to tensions and stress as there is a sort of mental “pulling” and “pushing” as your brain tries to catalogue, categorize and judge your life. (Ever experience information overload? This can be exhausting!)

This polarity is how the ego (the way we see ourself) is formed. The brain generates labels in order to categorize ourselves and tell ourselves a story of who we think we are.

For example, let’s say when you were 5 years old, you were told that you were a failure at a math problem in school. That sense of failure stays with you and adds to your identity. “I am a failure” rather than “I am a success”. All incoming information then, gets processed through this ego, this story, taking time and energy and keeping you stuck with this label and affecting the rest of your life.

This is not “wrong” or bad”, it’s just the way it works.

There is another organ in your body that allows you to receive and process information in a way that is different than the brain, saving you time, energy and freeing you from the story you tell yourself about yourself. This organ is the heart.

In 1991, scientists discovered a group of roughly 40 000 specialized neurons in the human heart arranged in a network called “the heart-brain” or “little brain in the heart”. They are sensory neurons like in the cranial brain, but they are in the heart.

The heart-brain is like the cranial brain in that it learns, remembers, releases hormones, thinks, feels, and interprets information…but all independently of the cranial brain.

The heart is a fast processor because the information doesn’t have to go through the ego loops of polarity, the constant back and forth. The heart-brain is therefore, also, energy-efficient, time-efficient, and objective.

The heart is non-judgemental. It will discern, but not judge. It will let you know if something is right for you in the moment, but will not judge it.

You can access this intelligence from the heart; you don’t have to be stuck in your story and overwhelmed with information overload.


You were probably told by someone, somewhere that the brain is the master organ in the body. While the brain is important, it is not actually “the master”. The brain receives information from the heart that tells the brain what to do.

The heart has a special relationship with the cranial brain. They talk. Well, the heart is mostly talking, the brain is mostly listening. The heart is telling the brain what chemicals to release into the body that reflect our sense of safety, well-being, and security.

We, humans, can take the two separate neural networks of the brain and heart and harmonize them into a single, powerful system, at will! Researchers know of no other form of life that can do this!

You can choose right now, or in any moment, to harmonize your heart and brain by creating a renewing feeling in your heart, such as a sense of safety and well-being, appreciation, love, or compassion.

This harmonizing of the heart and brain allows you access to the intelligence of the heart, your intuition. It will save you energy, time, and stress. It boosts your immune system, improves healing, increases your resilience and longevity, enhances your learning, memory, and creativity, and allows you to break free of the story you tell yourself about yourself.


That’s some powerful stuff!

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Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

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