Don't Repress Emotions. Transform Them

Have you ever heard the term repressing emotions? It’s a not-so-great coping mechanism to deal with stress and negative emotions. It is when you realize that you are feeling a negative emotion and you choke it down and slap a smile on it. Eventually, repressed emotions cause damage, either an internal meltdown, or an external explosion. Here’s a few analogies:

I like a clean room, but sweeping the dirt under the carpet is not ideal. Eventually the carpet is full and it all comes spilling out. 

Your check engine light comes on, so you put a smiley face sticker over the light. True, you no longer see the light, but eventually, the engine will give out. 

Hiding the body in the back room eventually makes the whole house stink!

Now the question arises: If it is not good to feel bad emotions, and not good to shove them down, and not good to explode them out, what the heck should I do with them?

The answer is to transform them. Change them to something else, something more constructive and positive. They key is to genuinely feel a different emotion. 

How can you tell the difference between repressing and transforming emotions? It takes energy to repress emotions. You will feel drained, exhausted, and wrung out from trying so hard. Transforming emotions on the other hand will make you feel renewed and recharged, because you are genuinely feeling good.

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Here’s to conquering stress,
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