Are You an Emotional Couch Potato?

Strength training at the gym requires determination, perseverance and constant challenge. Without challenge, no muscle is gained, no growth is present. While it may be easier to just be a couch potato and do nothing to change and grow, the benefits of working out and “taking on the challenge” are worth the effort you put in.

We can be couch potatoes emotionally and choose to let our emotions be automatic. Or we can choose to “take on the challenge” to feel differently. We grow and get stronger when we work out emotionally and experience more energy, better focus and memory, less pain, increased feelings of well-being, enhanced intuitive insight and so much more.

And like working out at the gym in that the benefits of lifting weights goes beyond just lifting a specific piece of metal, taking on the challenge in one situation (ie. frustration in traffic) will make it easier to feel the way you want to feel in other situations (ie. when with family). Emotional regulation does require determination, perseverance, and constant challenge (there is no shortage of challenges in your life) but it is all worth the effort.

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Here’s to conquering Stress,
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