Your Most Precious Resource

Have you ever heard that time is your most precious resource? Ever heard of the importance of time management?

While time management is an important skill, it may come as a surprise that time is not your most precious resource.

In fact, it’s even debatable if time is even real! It’s not much of a resource if it doesn’t actually exist!…but I’m going to leave that to the physicists.

There is something even more important than time, more precious. It has great influence on your effectiveness, performance, resilience and health.

Your most precious resource is energy.

You can have all the time in the world but without energy, time is good for nothing.

The more energy you have the better your physical and mental performance, health, safety, self-management, intuition, decision making, planning, …and even time management.

Managing your energy doesn’t have to take time - you can learn to do it on-the-go, but managing your time takes energy…so energy is more precious.

We drain a lot of our energy unnecessarily with our unregulated negative emotions. Negative emotions are not “bad” or “wrong”. They have a purpose and a reason for existing - they add colour, texture, and flavour to our life, and send us messages (if we are willing to listen), but left unregulated, they drain our energy.

Think about it this way, how do you feel an hour after being very angry? Tired? Drained? Exhausted?

And why do I say “drain energy unnecessarily”? Well, what are some typical emotional responses when you are stuck in a traffic jam? Frustration. Irritation. Maybe worry. And do any of those emotions move the traffic faster? No. (…although I did hear a comment from a guy once: “Depends how big of a truck you’re driving.” LOL)

Seriously though, those negative emotions you might experience in a traffic jam drain your energy and don’t actually help you - therefore, an unnecessary drain.

This drain on your energy affects your mental and physical performance. When the frustrating traffic moves and you finally get to where you’re going, such as work, how clearly do you think? How short is your fuse? How friendly do you feel when your colleague says, “Hello”?

Your energy level determines your ability to be the person you want to be. The more charged your inner battery, the more in charge you are of how you think, feel and act.

Energy is your most precious resource.

In what situations are you unnecessarily draining your energy?

Learn the skills to intelligently regulate your energy. Start with a discovery call with me. Schedule it here.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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