Why Does Change Hurt

I hate change.

I am a comfort junkie. I like the familiar. I like routine. I typically like “predictable”.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you resist or hate change.

You might be tempted to think it is because of a control issue (and that may be part of it) but it’s more likely because of the fear of pain. Not physical pain, but psychological pain.

As you know, life is all about change. Change is a constant. Actually, maybe even the only constant in life is change. But when change happens, the familiar and traditional ways in which you operate are challenged. This questioning of your need for comfort, control, and safety- the reason you operate the way you do- is often perceived as a painful experience. It is this pain that you try to resist when you resist change.

Change is not always comfortable, but no growth or evolution comes without change.

Here’s the invisible gift of change: Change is an invitation to go inside yourself, discover what beliefs and concepts you are holding on to too tightly, and grow beyond them.

For example, your best friend or a loved one is moving away, and you experience pain. This change is an invitation for you to examine yourself. You might be thinking, “Who am I without her?” This change gives you opportunity to question the way you operate. “Do I need someone else to see my value for me to see it for myself?”

The pain you experience is growing pains. Like a child experiences growing pains as they grow physically, you experience growing pains as you grow spiritually.

You aren’t really resisting change, you are resisting the pain of growth.

The most important thing to do is to come to peace with pain and allow the change to transform you into a better-version-of-yourself.

What could be on the other side of the pain for you?

How is the change you are going through now inviting you to grow?

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Here’s to conquering stress,

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