What to Do When You've Fallen Off the Horse

I didn’t literally fall off a horse, but it felt similar in a way. I have a few tools up my sleeve to handle stressors when they inevitably come my way. But the other day, I didn’t use any of them. I got in an argument and while there was a part of me that wanted to keep my cool and use any or all of these amazing tools that I have at my fingertips, I just didn’t. I lost it. It took me a while to calm down and think clearly again. It really did feel like I fell off the horse. 

Maybe there are times you’ve fallen off the horse too. Maybe you’ve told yourself not to snap at the kids. Or that you’re done whining about things you can’t change. Or that you are finally giving up this habit for good. And maybe you did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do.  

Well you know the saying, and it’s time we get back on that horse. I think that this is where it all comes together. It’s not about doing it right every time. It’s about learning and trying again. And again. And as many times as we have to. And as hard as it is to drag my butt back on that horse, I’m going to do it. 

Here’s to Conquering Stress,
The Stress Experts

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