What's Your "Vibe"?

Have you ever been around someone that gives off “bad vibes” and simply being around him or her just doesn’t feel good?

Or maybe you’ve experienced the opposite…

Have you ever had the experience that just being in someone’s presence felt good? Have you been beside someone that has a “good vibe”?

Your “vibe” or vibration is not a metaphorical expression. The thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuitions, and intentions you experience every day are actual energetic waves of magnetic energy that are measured as frequencies.

You are literally vibrating.

Your vibrational quality is affected by the type of emotions and attitudes you are experiencing: stressful and depleting, or positive and uplifting.

Although your thoughts, feelings and attitudes cannot be directly examined with scientific instruments, nor seen or touched, they are, however, reflected in the frequencies of a few biological rhythms, ie. brainwaves and heart rhythms, that can be measured and felt/experienced by other people around you (research is showing that animals and plants also feel/experience your vibrational quality, too).

Your vibration is not determined by what is taking place in the external environment (although it can be affected by it). What we typically experience as “stress" is our emotional response to the situation, person or issue, called the stressor. In other words, just because there is a stressor in your life, you do not have to be stressed.

You can learn to shift your inner rhythms and vibration in response to your external environment. This will allow you to experience less stress, flow through challenges with greater ease, be open to a wider range of possibilities and solutions, and make peace with what is (even if you are tired, or in a situation that you would rather not be in).

…and raising your vibration uplifts the other people around you.

When you are in a lower vibration, try this…

  1. Find a quiet space and imagine that you are going to change your frequency to a different station, like changing the station on a non-appealing TV show.
  2. Breathe quietly and feel your intention coming from your heart, not just your mind. If you can't sense your heart feelings, just imagine them; this helps to open your heart.
  3. Now imagine yourself dialling-in an uplifting station, one that feels like who you really are rather than a sleepwalking version of who you are not. Imagine breathing life into your commitment to change frequencies.
  4. Think of someone or a pet and appreciate for him/her for a minute. This helps to keep the heart open and to anchor in the higher vibration.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

Louise Sanders

The Stress Experts

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