Voices in My Head

(I understand that this can be a deep topic and confusing to some people. I encourage you to read this with an attitude of curiosity and playfulness.)

Did you know that you talk to yourself?

No, you’re not crazy. No, you’re not “hearing voices”.

The voice you hear in your head is you talking to yourself. We all have this voice. 

If you are thinking “No, Louise, I don’t have a voice in my head.” Just try being quiet once and listen. You will hear it. I might say “I don’t get what Louise is talking about. This is ridiculous. I don’t have a voice in my head.” That’s the voice.

Try saying “hello” right now in your head. That’s the voice.

Have you ever paid attention to what this voice is saying? Like really listen to it.

Have you ever noticed it arguing with itself, defending both sides? “I can’t go to this thing tonight, I have so much work to do.” “Well, Sally will be there and I haven’t seen her in forever.” “But you don’t have anything to wear!” “Yeah, you’re right. But that doesn’t really matter for this event. I’ll just wear my jeans.” “But you don’t like the shoes that go with those jeans!” 

…on and on it goes.

It can be exhausting…and confusing.

Now, we would like to think that the voice in our head is the real “us”. But the question then becomes, “Which of the voices speaking is the real ‘me’?” 

Here’s the thing: you are not the voices. You, the real “you”, is the one that is listening. The one that is observing. The one who notices that you have a voice in your head.

The voice is simply your mind trying to find ways to be comfortable. Your mind stores past experiences and beliefs and fears that make it uncomfortable. And then it seeks ways to be comfortable. 

But who you TRULY are is comfortable regardless of the decision made, the situation you’re in, the events you go to or not, the people you’re with or without. The true core of you is love and comfort, ease and flow, grounded and engaged.

When you identify with the voices, when you are mesmerized and enchanted by the words these voices are saying, you are at risk of catering to those whims, desires, and demands. 

Other the other hand, when you identify with the listener, the observer, the one who notices the voices, you are calmer, more aware, more present, more grounded, more free, and the more choices become available to you.

The more familiar you become with this observer stance, this witness that you truly are, the less stress and the more happiness you will experience.

Can you hear the voices?

Be the listener.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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