Transform Your Worry

We spend so much time worrying about all of our what if’s. We think about worst case scenario and we have so much fear about the future. What if it goes wrong?

While we don’t know what is going to happen in the future and are so busy worrying about it, we are missing out on what is happening around us right now. We are not paying attention to the things like our teenager getting his license (what if he has an accident?), starting our new job (what if they don’t like me?), expecting a baby (what if she isn’t healthy?), doing the spring work (what if we don’t get the seeding done on time?). It goes on.   

Even though these are legitimate fears, they certainly shouldn’t replace the present moment. When we get caught up in the fear and what if’s, we don’t enjoy, or even perform well, in the present moment. Don’t let your what if’sdrown out what is.

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