This One Thing Will Transform Your Stress Forever

I didn’t know that stress was a choice.

It wasn’t my fault that I was unhappy. I was at the mercy of the waves of the ocean of life. Tossing my emotions to and fro. Pulling me into the depths of dissatisfaction. Life made me stressed and I was drained and drowning. And there wasn’t anything I could do about it…or so I thought.

I learned that stress is not an emotion but rather tension as a result of unchecked emotions. I became aware of a pivotal paradox in life: I wanted to control everything, yet the only thing in life that I have any control over I was shrugging off- the control of my emotions. I may not have any control over what happens in my life but I have ultimate control over the way I respond to life. If my emotions are under my control and stress is a result of my emotions, then the conclusion is…I was choosing to be stressed! 

Well, that was it! I started choosing differently. I claimed my rightful place as the master of my emotional ship. No longer would I be at the mercy of the waves of the ocean of life. I rose out of the depths of dissatisfaction and started to shine. Now, I steer my emotions in the direction of my choosing, regardless of what the ocean brings me. I feel free. I feel genuinely happy. 

I want for you to become the master of your emotional ship so that you, too, can rise and shine and become a Stress Expert.

Practical Strategies to Deal With Daily Stressors

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