Things to Consider

Have you ever wondered any of these following points? I highly encourage you to take some time to reflect on each question.

  • Why do you let in the criticism, but not the compliments? 
  • Why does your spouse’s tardiness mean he/she doesn’t love you, when their promptness doesn’t mean that they do love you?
  • Why do you beat yourself up harder for spending $100 than you praise yourself for making $100?
  • Why do bad experiences linger in your mind more than good ones?
  • Why do you let the fear hold you back more than let the inspiration drive you forward?
  • Why can you forgive and forget everyone else’s slip ups, but not your own?
  • Why are you just fine with someone else looking a bit frumpy and frazzled, but not yourself?
  • Why do you assume someone is talking bad about you, when you could just as easily assume they’re talking good about you?
  • Why in an argument are you always right, but the other person isn’t equally right? (I mean they wouldn’t be arguing a point that they believe is wrong, right?)
  • Why do you give everyone else such dam good advice, then fail to take it yourself?
  • Why do you see where everyone else is contributing to problems, but fail to see your own part?
  • Why do you know exactly what someone else should do to turn their life around, but have no idea how to do it for yourself?
  • Why can you be so hard on yourself for one thing, and then let yourself get away with “murder” in other areas?
  • Why do you assume the answer is no, without ever asking the question?
  • Why do you think you’re a failure, if you’ve never tried?
  • Why do the things that excite you most, scare you most?
  • Why do you crave change then fight it when it arrives?

You probably found that you didn’t really have an answer for any of these questions and that’s ok. Where are some of these contradictions showing up in your life? And now that you see them, what are you going to do about it?

Here’s to Conquering Stress,
The Stress Experts

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