The Pollution No One Talks About

It is not okay to litter. 

In fact, in Manitoba, there is a fine of about $200 if you are caught littering (unless you litter from a business vehicle, then it’s about $2500!). In Toronto, you could be looking at a $500 fine, and in some states, $1000 and up to 1 year in prison!

Physical debris left lying around pollutes the environment and makes the world an ugly place to look at and live in. 

You might think it’s just one little thing, like an empty pack of gum, it’s not that big of a deal. But what if everyone threw out one little thing? Remember, the ocean is made of small drops of water and the beaches are made of tiny grains of sand…each little piece adds up.

It is your responsibility to care for the physical environment you are in and keep it free of litter. If everyone cared for the physical environment they were currently in, maybe even leaving it a little cleaner than it was when they got there, imagine how beautiful the world would be. 

Now, there is an environment that is not physical. It is invisible but very real and measurable. This is an electromagnetic field environment. This field is created by the electrical activity of your heart. Your brain creates an electromagnetic field, too. However, the field created by the brain can only be measured up to 1 inch from the head, whereas the field created by the heart can be measured up to 7 feet away from the body!

Each person, then, has an invisible electromagnetic field around them. It is scientifically known as a personal field environment. Your personal field environment is like a bubble around you on all sides. Your bubble overlaps and interacts with the personal field environment of those around you. We are all part of one big, collective electromagnetic field.

So what?

Electromagnetic fields carry information. Like a radio tower broadcasting information into the air, your heart broadcasts information into your personal field environment. 

What information is your heart broadcasting? Your emotions and attitudes. Whatever emotion or attitude you are experiencing, your heart is “beating” it out into your personal field environment, and therefore into the collective electromagnetic field that we all share.

So what?

This means, that the emotional information you are broadcasting “feeds the field” and influences the people around you, in measurable ways. Negative emotions and attitudes, such as anger, sadness, frustration, overwhelm, and anxiety, “litter” the energetic field. When you “litter” the energetic field, you pollute the environment and make the world an ugly place for everyone to live in.

Positive emotions and attitudes, such as compassion, appreciation, love, joy, excitement, and calm, “clean up” the energetic field. When you “clean up” the field, you leave the world a little bit better than before you got there, and you make it a little bit nicer for everyone to live in.

So, just like it’s your responsibility to keep your physical environment clean, you have a responsibility to keep your personal field environment clean, because your personal field environment…and your emotions…affects us all.

Ask yourself: What am I feeding the field?

How can I “clean up” my energetic field right now, even just a tiny bit?

Work with us and we will show you how to clean up your environment and make the world beautiful again.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart, 

The Stress Experts

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