The Pitfall of Efficiency

I like to be efficient. I like to get things done fast…once I get those things started, LOL.

Shovelling the driveway, for some reason, is a timed event.

Making supper is a race to see how fast I can make the food and get dishes done at the same time.

I try to finish reading a book before I even start it. (I know, it’s not possible but that doesn’t stop me from trying!)

Everything I do is with a push, push, push attitude.

Even writing these blogs! “Get it done, now!”

And while this attitude may be helpful in some areas of my life, driving me to strive for “my best”, I’m realizing that it just doesn’t serve me in all areas. It actually can take me further away from me being “my best”.

For example, enjoying that time right after a meal with friends and/or family, where you aren’t eating but just chatting. Well, my “get it done, now!” attitude has me standing up to do the dishes before I even register that it’s happening. And I wreck the moment. Everyone disperses and the bonding and connection-forming of conversation stops. I sacrificed the more important thing (relationship) for the lesser important thing (dishes). 

Doing more of lesser-important-things and doing lesser of more-important-things makes you less than your best. (You might have to read that again to get it, LOL)

Another example of how my attitude does not serve me. I’m sure you have heard about the concept of “life’s journey”.

Well, that’s certainly not one I want to finish before I start…but guess what. I try.

My “get it done, now!” attitude pushes me through my life journey. I push through my life. I push through the winter season of every year, wanting it to be spring. I push through challenge and hardship. I push through adventure and fun. I push through physical and emotional healing. I try to get it all over with and done now!

There is very little allowing. Very little time to just “be”. And whenever  I just “be”, I also try to “be” efficiently…kinda defeating the purpose of just “being”. There is no way to just “be” while simultaneously holding a push, push, push attitude.

Is that the best version of myself?

Is constantly being on my case to go further, faster, harder actually serving my highest good?

Life is a journey. The purpose of a journey is to enjoy the journey itself. It is difficult to enjoy it if you try to push quickly through it.

There is no award given to the one who completes life’s journey the quickest.

Actually, the one who stops pushing, and enjoys the journey is the one who receives the reward of enjoyment.

Life is its own reward. One just simply has to allow it.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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