Do You Have the Skills You Need?

I recently had a conversation with someone. She told me she was tired and feeling overwhelmed. From her posture and her actions - slumped shoulders, constant yawning, long blinks, face-rubbing, losing train of thought - during our relatively short conversation, I could tell that she was indeed tired.

She proceeded to tell me about all the changes happening at work, all the initiatives that were on the go, and all the things she needed to do. We also discussed the goings on in her personal life, which weren’t that small.

She looked at me and said, totally serious, “But I’m not stressed.”

This conversation reminded me that the vast majority of people do not know what stress really is.

And this is a problem. A very big problem. Here’s why:

If you don’t know what stress really is, you can’t conquer it. If you can’t conquer stress, you can’t live your best life and be truly happy.

You only live one life. Do you want it to be the best it can be? Do you want to be happy in this life?

Yes. I think you do!

Do you want to drag and force yourself through your days? Do you want to be tired all the time? Do you want to feel anxious, angry, depressed, fearful, or ashamed?

No. I really doubt you do.

Then conquering stress is the skill you need. Don’t manage stress. Don’t cope with it. Conquer it!

Conquering stress starts with understanding it.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

The Stress Experts

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