Scarcity and Abundance

We are programmable. It may take some time to change the program but it is changeable.

All day we are busy running here, or busy doing that, a million and one things to scratch off our to-do list before bed. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources, not enough…We go to bed exhausted from our busy day, thinking of the things we didn’t get done. Then we wake up thinking about how tired we are, how little sleep we actually got and the unending list of things to do. And the cycle continues, day after day.

This program is called “scarcity”. We run this program, like a computer, in ourselves all day long. We may not even be aware of it but it is there. Until we change the program, that’s all we are going to get out of life…not enough.

What if we started to run a different program: the “abundance” program? What if we chose to see what we accomplished in a day, no matter how insignificant it may seem at first? What if we started to see the “little things” as big things?

For example, Sally is a stay at home mom of 2 young children. She is dog-tired and feels run off her feet all day. Her to-do list is of gigantic proportions. She feels behind all the time. Sally doesn’t consider that she is keeping her kids fed, safe, happy, clean, occupied and learning. These things do not make it on her to-do list and therefore she is “getting nothing done”, when in fact Sally is raising a family. That is no “little thing”!

Here’s the tip: One thing you can do to start running an abundance program is become aware of what is not on your to-do list that is actually getting done without you knowing it. And be grateful!

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