Nothing Will Make You Happy

It may not be that everyone is miserable, but everyone is looking to be happier, more fulfilled, more content. Just think about it…dig deep enough and every single thing you do is spurred on by the desire to be happier!

You tend to think that ‘when this happens, I’ll be happy’.  Or ‘when that stops happening, I’ll be happy’.  Here is the honest truth.  You won’t.   You will not be happy when this or that happens.  If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy then.  You’ll only want more.

Pretty much you want life to be perfect before you’re happy.  Life isn’t ever going to be perfect, so it’s not going to happen that way.  You’ll have to be happy yourself.

What does that look like? If happiness is not basking in a perfect life then what is it?  Happiness is basking in a imperfect life.  Loving what you’ve got. Having faith it’ll all work out. Changing and growing as life asks you to.  Connecting to what’s important to you that you have right now.

Happiness is not some complicated formula.  It’s so basic most of us miss it.

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