Never Go Back

“I feel like I’m going backwards.”

“I’m scared of going backwards.”

I hear this from my clients sometimes. Maybe you’ve even thought it or said it.

The “going backwards” that I am referring to is the feeling of “not feeling good” again after “feeling good” for some time. An example of this might be someone who was anxious all the time. Then he learned about himself, his tendencies and emotional habits and released some old emotional baggage. He learned tools to help navigate the challenges of life. He was feeling much better. Then something changed in his life and he started feeling anxious again, or what some describe as “started going backwards”.

When we start feeling better, it is common to be scared of going backwards, going back to where we were, going back to how we were feeling. 

But here’s the thing…and you need to remember this!…YOU CANNOT GO BACKWARDS! It’s simply not possible.

Imagine a spiral. One side of the spiral is “feeling great” and the other is “feeling not great”. Starting at birth at the bottom of the spiral, you are constantly journeying up the spiral, growing up and gathering more knowledge, understanding, experience and/or skills. As you journey up, you pass through both sides of the spiral, at times you’re feeling good and other times you’re feeling not good, but you are never at the exact same place you were before.

You never go back; you are always going up.

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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