Look at Your Problems This Way

For most of us, we spend our days inside our own heads and inside of our own problems.  Imagine a rat going through a maze, seeing only the walls on either side, turning as the obstacles arise, and just being stuck inside this labyrinth.  This is so often what life can be like; not sure where we are going, running into problems with relationships or at work, and getting stuck. Emotionally, we are reacting to everything as it comes, usually with an over-reaction of stress or fear or anger. 

Now imagine a bird, able to perch high above the maze, to get a bird’s eye view.  This bird is able to see the obstacles, and how those obstacles play a role in directing the maze to the destination. From its lofty view point the bird can see how everything comes together; how past turns have created the present situation, how paths cross, and how it’ll all turn out okay in the end.

The bird’s eye view is where we want to be.  It is in this mind frame where we can let go of feeling like a victim of life’s maze, to seeing the big picture.  This mind frame comes with less stress, less fear, and less anger. It helps us to go with the flow and take things as they come with a calm acceptance yet eager anticipation!

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