Life Lessons From Tough Places

Our family went through an especially challenging weekend. Our mom had a not-so-common type of heart attack that led to her being hospitalized for a few days, even a day in the ICU. Now that it is all over and Mom is back at home and feeling better each hour, I can look back and recognize how much this terrifying experience taught me. It amazes me how the hardest things in life have the most profound lessons that seem to get punched in. I am going to share what I learned so that hopefully you can pick up a thing or two without having to go through what our family went through.

Life is really fragile. Stop wasting time worrying about crap that doesn’t matter. A bad hair day, a few extra pounds, a shrinking bank account, peeling paint in the house…put it all in perspective and just let that go. 

Appreciation, appreciation, appreciation! There are literally thousands of things to be grateful for each day. At any moment they could stop and you’ll wonder if you appreciated them enough while they were there. Again, put it in perspective and be endlessly grateful for the things that really matter to you. 

Family is awesome. Don’t waste precious time with family by holding onto little grudges and crap you can’t even remember. Don’t wait for a difficult time to pull together. Pull together now. Forgive now. Love now. 

Faith is difficult, brutally difficult. But extremely important. Sure, faith is easy while things are going good for us, but where the rubber hits the road is when things get tough. When there are countless possible options ahead and you have zero control over any of them, all you’ve got is faith. Faith isn’t about “My will be done so that I will be happy.” Faith is “Thy will be done, because You know better than I do, and please just help me through whatever happens.” 

Good things can come from hard times. Life lessons don’t really come around when life is easy. Embrace life’s challenges, big or small, keeping your eye out for what to learn. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Love it up.

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