Jealousy: How to Stop Turning Green With Envy

Jealousy. What an interesting emotion.  Have you ever seen someone with a ‘nicer’ physical body, then curled your lip and looked at her with disgust out of the corner of your eye? Or how about talked to someone with more money, and then roll your eyes when your conversation is done. Have you avoided going to a family gathering because cousin Betty and her husband are there and they are so happy together and romantic that it hurts?

Why is it that when we see something that we want and someone else has it, we get turned off? The truth is…we want that healthier body, we want more financial security, we want a happy relationship. Our energy is reaching toward those things and then BAM, in comes jealousy and cuts that energy off. Jealousy even almost chastises us for wanting those ‘silly’ things. It doesn’t make sense to me; I’m not sure why we do it, but it seems universal.

Here’s the tip: Flip that jealousy on it’s head. As soon as you feel it coming on…and you know when it’s coming on…be happy for that person who has something that you would like. See that that person has it and so it is possible for you to have it too. Say to yourself, “That __(health/ money/ relationship/ etc)__ is for me!”  This way, you will keep your energy reaching for it rather than cutting it off. It will also make it easier on the person that has what you want and of course easier on yourself.  

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