It's Not Necessary

Stress management does not have to involve sitting cross-legged on a pillow on the floor of your living room, in a studio somewhere, or on some mountain top in a far away land. While this can be a part of your stress management routine, it is not necessary.

Neither are bubble baths, manicures, or spa days necessary. (Again, if that’s your thing, then do it!)

One of the biggest myths about stress management is that one has to be in a state of low energy or low intensity in order to be successful at it. That one has to practically be a doormat, whimsical, slow, almost non-existent, and has to walk around with a textbook balanced on the top of the head. 

If this were the case, not many people would want to even try to manage stress because it would make them into a less-than-authentic version of themselves!

See, stress happens when we experience negative/depleting emotions such as frustration, anger, and sadness. When we are experiencing positive/renewing emotions, we are not stressed.

While there are some positive/renewing emotions that are of a lower energy and lower intensity such as calm, peace, and contentment, that effectively conquer stress, there are also high energy and high intensity emotions that have the same effect, such as passion, excitement, and exhilaration. 

So, regardless of whether you are experiencing low or high energy positive emotions, you are effectively managing stress.

Effective stress management actually helps grow you into a more authentic, fuller version of yourself; it helps you become more resilient but not rigid, more light-hearted but not airy, more grounded but not stuck, more kind but not a pushover, more assertive but not aggressive, more self-confident but not arrogant.

I think many people would be interested in that kind of stress management!

If you are one of those people, book a complimentary session with me to learn the tools to effectively manage stress. Book here, now!

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,


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