How to Take a Compliment

Have you ever been given a nice compliment then proceeded to deflect it?  There’s a few ways to deflect.  Here are some examples. See if you recognize some of them!

Person 1: “Nice shirt!”
Person 2: “Oh thanks, it has a hole in it.” Or, “I got it on sale.”

Person 1: “Good job!”
Person 2: “I didn’t do much.”

Person 1: “I like your hair!”
Person 2: “I like your hair.”

Person 1: “Nice work today!”
Person 2: “Whatever.”

A compliment is like a little dose of love from someone. When you deflect it, you don’t allow that bit of love in; it just bounces off.  Also, imagine being the one giving the little bit of love and the one whom you are complimenting just lets it bounce off.  Would you keep giving little doses of love? 

Here’s a challenge for you this week: when someone gives you a compliment of any form, let it in and just say a heartfelt “Thank you.”

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