How to Make It Happen

I am a high achiever. I seem to live by St. Jerome’s saying, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.” But when things get tough and life isn’t going my way and I’m struggling to be a better person, all too often I often hear myself say in an inner pout, “I’m trying.”

Do you ever hear yourself pout, “I’m trying”? I have a friend who says it all the time. She is trying to get better. She is trying to stick to her plan. She is trying to work things out.

But you know what? Trying isn’t enough. I’m sorry if I offend you try-ers out there. But trying doesn’t get anything done. Getting things done gets things done. 

If you are trying to squeeze in some quality time with family, trying to pray more, trying to stick to a diet, trying to walk more, trying to focus on your work more, trying to cut back on social media, trying to be more patient, it doesn’t matter. Trying doesn’t make it happen. Making it happen makes it happen. Until you spend more time with family, you won’t spend more time with family. Until you pray more, you won’t pray more. Until you stick to your new habit, focus, put down your phone, and calm down, it is not going to happen. No one cares if you are trying to be patient while you snap someone’s head off. Trying didn’t change anything. Actually being patient does change things. 

I know this sounds like common sense, but all too often I hear myself and others whine, “I’m trying.” But trying isn’t good enough. You just gotta do it. And once you do it, your inner pout turns into an inner fist pump and you keep on going. Good, better, best.

What are you “trying” to do?

How can you commit - really commit - to something today?

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