How to Get the Approval You Seek

Think about the concept of a spoiled child for a moment. What does spoiled really mean? When a child is spoiled it means that they get too much approval constantly. And this approval comes from outside them, from parents, family, and strangers in the form of comments, praise, and gifts. If a spoiled child does not get what they want, they are devastated. This creates problems in that the child needs external approval, or else they doubt themselves. 

Do you count on other people approving you? Do you feel like a failure if others aren’t approving you? Do you need external approval to feel on the right track? Are you devastated if you don’t get what you want? Are you spoiled?

While approval is fine and healthy and it feels good, it is not something that you should have to rely on. You need to be able to find your own ability to approve of yourself. Your heart is the only thing that can give you the approval and validation that you are looking for. This will do a few things:

  • You’re all grown up now, and the truth is you won’t get a pat on the back for every good thing you do. Having the ability to approve yourself will create good feelings within yourself, from yourself.
  • If you ned approval from others, you will never be your own person; you will never be able to follow your heart. Giving yourself approval will free you to be who you truly are. 
  • If others disapprove of who you are and what you do, you can still feel good and stay true to your course if you are able to approve yourself.

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