How to Find Time

“I don’t have time.”

Do you ever say this?

Maybe you say any number of variations of that statement: “I don’t have time to do my favourite hobby.” Or, “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” Or, “I don’t have time to volunteer.”

I used to use this as an excuse for not meditating, “I don’t have time to sit for 20-30 minutes.” 

But have you ever stopped and asked yourself if this is really true?

Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day. And, yes, you spend a significant portion of those hours getting the sleep you need. 

But what is filling the rest of the time? 

When I asked myself this question, I noticed that I had the time to spend 20-30 minutes on social media or following a chain of YouTube video suggestions. I had the time to watch movies that I never like on Netflix. 

So, I could see that I indeed didn’t have the time to meditate because I was filling it with other things! Things that I really didn’t find important.

If my day is completely full of stuff, how did I then find time to talk on the phone for 20-30 minutes when a friend called just to say hello? How did I find the time to get my car to the shop? How did I find the time to go to the grocery store and get the food I needed?

I found the time for these things because I believe they are important.

You find the time for some things when you say you “don’t have time” because you believe these are things that are important. Things that NEED to get done. You prioritize the important things and suddenly the time appears for you to make them happen.

You have lots of things to do. We all do. And the world is moving so fast…but your list of things to do will never end and the world isn’t going to slow down and give you more than 24 hours in a day. 

So how do you get done all that you need to do…and WANT to do? Prioritize…and then make your actions align with your priorities.

Reflect on your past few days, do your activities align with your priorities? 

Do you believe it is important to check social media to see how everyone else is spending their time? If it is not your priority, then stop doing it. 

Do you believe it is important to talk to your friends about other people and how “stupid” they are. If it is not your priority, then stop doing it.

Stop doing the things that are not important to you and you will have time to do what is important to you. You will have time to spend on stuff that really matters to you. 

The thing is, you don't have to FIND the time, you have the time. You just may not be putting a high priority on what is most important to you.

The bonus: when you spend more time on stuff that really matters to you and less time on stuff that doesn’t matter to you, you have less stress AND you increase your sense of purpose, happiness, and well-being.

What is really important to you?

Do your actions align with your priorities?

What is one thing that you can stop doing so you have the time to do what really matters to you?

Here’s to conquering stress.

With heart,

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