How to Deal with Changed Plans

I had it all planned out. I was out walking. I was going to walk to the next mile before I turned around. My goal was set and I was committed and eager. Then my plans fell through; my dog showed up out of nowhere and he isn’t supposed to come on walks without a leash and I didn’t have it with me. My plans had to change.

Plans are important. They give us order and direction. But so many times our plans, big or small, need to change. The difficult part is to be okay with that. It would have caused me a great deal of stress if I had not been okay with ending my walk early. I could have chosen to be upset and angry because I couldn’t finish my walk the way I planned it. But the only thing that would have accomplished is increasing my blood pressure and draining my energy. In the HeartMath "Resilience Advantage" workshop coming soon, you will learn a simple, use-on-the-go technique called Inner Ease that can help you 'go with the flow' in situations like this!

Garth Brooks sings “…a dream is like a river…”. I say “life is like a river, ever changing as it flows.” You can either choose to flow with it or waste your energy and go against it.

Practical Strategies to Deal With Daily Stressors

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