How to Be Happy: Lessons From Kindergarten

Most of us go to school for at least 13 years. That’s a long time. We learn math and spelling, chemistry and biology. Some of what I learned I use everyday, and honestly a lot of it I can’t remember ever using again.

But I think that we pick up some of our most important lessons in Kindergarten and even earlier. These are the life lessons. At this early age we knew how to talk to others politely; how to say sorry, please, thank you; how to share. We listened to our bodies; moved when we needed to move, ate when we needed to eat, and rested when we needed to rest. We also knew how to dream, how to play, and how to imagine. We had more self-confidence than ever; we could wear the goofiest thing and love it, do the silliest things to show off, run around in a swim suit just for the joy of it, without pausing for a second to consider what others would think. 

As adults, we can learn a thing or two from kids. It’s not about being childish; it’s about being child-like.

Challenge: Do something this week that awakens the child in you. Play, belly laugh, share, sit quietly with someone, story-tell, do crafts, dance, sing in the car or seat dance (it's a thing).

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