How to Be Free

I dislike being told what to do.  I dislike being told what not to do.  I don’t think I'm alone in this.  As kids we are told what to do and what not to do quite a bit.  When we reach a certain age and we start to be exempt from some ‘rules’, it can be quite freeing.  

But is it really freeing?

How about an overly-simplified example.  Let’s say I was not allowed to drink pop while I was growing up.  Then I go to college and the household rule no longer applies to me and I can drink pop whenever I want! Woohoo, talk about freedom, right!  I want pop every day, and I can! I can even have it multiple times a day. I then start to crave it and I can’t go without it.  I then need it and I feel odd without it. It nags me through the day and occupies my life.   Am I still free?

Freedom involves having the freedom to say yes, but also the freedom to say no.

This was a basic example, but where in your life do you need more freedom?  Are you free to say no to the things that you are free to say yes to?  Food, sex, social media, over-working, alcohol, other substances, earning or spending money, and so on.

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