How to be an Inspiration to Others

I was paid the highest compliment. 

You know that warm buzz that comes after someone give you a compliment? That is what I felt. But for just a moment. And then the weight of the responsibility tied into the compliment rested on me.

“You inspire me.”

I think that we all have a responsibility to inspire the people in our lives. Whether that is our coworkers, kids, spouse, patients, teammates, community members, friends, or relatives, I believe it is our job to be our best. All the time. 

Sometimes it’s really hard to be my best and I just want to pout or punch my way out of a situation, but I know in my heart that those situations are the ones that count the most. Whoopty doo if I can keep my cool when things are easy. It’s being able to keep my cool when it’s hard that’s really inspiring.

Yes, you can have a bad moment, maybe even a bad day, but after that, you’ve got to pull your socks up and get back to being your best. You and the people around you need that from you. 

You are always a role model. But what thoughts, feelings and actions are you modelling for others?

Where are you not bringing your best, and how can you do better?

How can you inspire someone today?

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