How Emotions Affect You Without You Knowing It

Have you ever listened to a scary movie with the volume muted? It’s certainly not very scary. The slow movement down long corridors looks like the characters may be inspecting the decor. The flash of a child running by could be a youth playing hide and seek. The looks exchanged among characters is just humorous. 

The absence of the background music takes all the significance out of the situations. Of course we know that the opposite is true. Suspenseful background music can get our hearts hammering. Soft music can bring tears to the eyes. Inspiring music can get us feeling a high.

As we watch the movie of our life, the background music is our emotions. Our emotions add  significance to the situations happening around us. Without emotion we wouldn’t be able to connect to what is going on. It would be like watching a movie with no music. 

But what happens when the soundtracks get mixed up? What if your emotions are adding angry music to a benign situation? What if they are adding fear to a harmless circumstance? While watching your life-movie with angry or fearful music, you would believe that the situation is in fact frustrating or scary. Sometimes your emotional background music may be adding significance where there is none.

What background music is playing for your life-movie?

Are you ready to change your background music?

Here’s to Conquering Stress,
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